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Olympia 2014


It's that time of year again; the 2014 Olympia is only a few days away and it is anybodies guess who will take the title (though mostly everyone considers the incumbent Phil Heath to retain and gain his 4th title). Amazingly in its prestigious 50 year history there has only been 13 winners ; Approximately a winner every 3.85 years . The Event will be held in Las Vegas for the 16th year in a row, and will be host to a plethora of elite athletes looking to bring the gold home. 


Of course the question on everyone's lips is whether Phil Heath can win his 4th consecutive title, or will he be finally ousted by his arch nemesis and very popular Kai Greene (this author's personal favourite). Lets not forget about his contemporaries in Mamdouh Elssbiay (aka Big Ramy), Dennis Wolf, Shawn Rhoden, and Dexter Jackson each of whom continue to up their game in an attempt to dethrone Heath. 


Here is a list of who we at Supplement Warfare believe will place at this years event;


10th Victor Martinez


What more can be said for this man? Credit must be given to Victor for having a pro bodybuilding career that undoubtedly has possed as many ups and downs than a barbell. In his arduous 13-year pro career, Victor Martinez has amazingly continued to grow as a bodybuilder, in spite of injuries and legal woes. Despite a disappointing 13th-place last year at the Olympia, He made a solid comeback when he presented quite sensational development at the Arnold Classic this year and justify deserved his 4th place. Although not consider a dead set winner, he will always be a fan favourite and a solid competitor regardless of his placing.


9th Branch Warren


Still considered to possess the famed "freak factor" as well as those immense tree-trunk legs that over the years have established him as a h household name the world over. He won the 2014 Europa Dallas which is proof  enough that on his day he is still a force to be reckoned with. Injuries aside, he has managed to competed in every year of his storied pro career, and even managed to snag Olympia success. Came close in 2009 losing out to Cutler by narrow margins. Will place in the top 10 for sure 


8th William Bonac

William Bonac will be aiming to break into the top 6 of this years Olympia, if not at least a top 10 placing overall which is no laughing matter. A solid newcomer with plenty of potential as well credentials to boot he should be able to crack the elite standing of top 6. He has notched a few impressive places recently and has placed in the top 6 in 7 out of his past 8 appearances. He won the  2014 Golden State pro as well as placing runner up in the Australian Pro Grand Prix. Possessing a combination of full, rounded muscle as well as phenomenal shape which is a rare commodity. Shredded to a tee, with a compact frame we believe he can do achieve quite a high standing. Given this is will be his first appearance the Ghana native will struggle against his far more experienced counterparts. Keep your eyes on this big lad


10th Roelly Winklaar


This Dutchman is a solid competitor, and often places in the top six of many contests.He has notched 4 pro wins and as a result has made it impossible to overlook this mammoth individual. hardly considered aesthetically pleasing compared to his rivals, he more than makes up for this with a thick, dense muscular shape. Last year he attained a career best placing of 7th against many of todays best. Expect another good showing from this man and maybe an even higher placing if he is able to bring his best conditioning. 


6th Mamdouh Elssbiay 

Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy has an solid IFBB pro record so far in his career; two wins, coupled with a solitary loss is nothing to laugh at. His physique is impressive, it oft times looks like a graphic designers dream. A competitor that many regard as a future Olympia title winner and has a solid fan backing. His weakness appears to be his calves are look small based on how immense his quads are. Blessed with a body that even the top contestants would be envious of, he will give everyone a solid run for their money. If all goes to plan he should appear extremely shredded look that will hopefully be grainy that has so far escaped him. Top 6 is considered a certain for this man.


5th Dexter Jackson

Mr.Jackson has the enviable possession of an all round conditioning that perfectly combines round muscle, shredded conditioning as well as impressive aesthetics. Earning 18 wins in his pro career, which also includes 4 Arnold classic titles, and the 2008 Olympia title he is known his the aforementioned qualities as well as his ability to be consistent. At 44 many believe he will be retiring soon, the 15 year pro looks far from finished. A strong 2013 should see Jackson compete strongly at this years Olympia. 


4th Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden comes to this years Olympia on the back of solid credentials. He placed 3rd and 4th respectively at the past 2 Olympias, 2nd at this years Arnold and won the 2013 Australian Pro Grand Prix. This man comes with an impressive array of dense muscularity, and hits an accurate conditioning as well as an impressive  V-taper. He will continue to sharpen as he builds the necessary tools to edge closer to that elusive Olympia Victory. A legit top six candidate  


3rd Dennis Wolf

What more can be said of a man who has placed top 7 in 23 shows out a possible 25 since becoming a pro back in 2006. Easily one of the biggest on the current professional circuit, he seems to have found the formula to give him what he needs to win the big titles. Last year he came close to acquiring the Olympia, as well as a very good win at the Arnold Classic this year. He will be aiming to break the top two threshold held by Kai and Heath who must be attentive of the potential Wolf brings


2nd Phil Heath


Will this be the year Phil Heath will finally be overcome? 

Current Olympia Champion, Phil is considered to be among those to possess one of the most impressive, if not the most impressive physique to ever grace the stage. The three time winner is keen to retain his title and make is 4th win overall. Lacks weakness and in brilliant size, the 5ft 9 standing Phil is expected to hold off the challenge of many of his fellow competitors. If he is even partially off his game, expect someone else to usurp his crown.


1st Kai Greene


Okay this probably considered a given due to a personal bias, but without a doubt Kai is always in contention for a win at Olympia. With extremely well developed back and legs, as well as a side chest that is essentially untouchable. His conditioning seems to be the only ting stopping this particularly well liked man from finally winning Olympia. Although often on point he has yet to attain that hard, grainy look that Heath has been so able to display for every one of his wins. Considered wider, rounder and more muscular than Heath, he is in proportion and symmetric. Many believed he was slated to win it last year. This year could be his year the 2 time Arnold Classic winner is finally able to break his duck and win the biggest title of them all. 






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