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Working at Supplement Warfare.

Retail can provide you with a fulfilling career and Supplement Warfare offers endless opportunities in stores, corporate support departments or both.

We are part of a very fast growing retail chain and together we have already opened up 3 stores in under 5 months since 2013. So, working with Supplement Warfare can also open up doors to opportunities in the new buzz industry; bodybuilding and fitness.

Why work for us

We offer an attractive team member benefits package that includes: in-store discounts; team training, travelling opportunities and so much more.

We also encourage our team members to pursue career paths through in-house development which also means supporting you to reach your personal goals, especially if its directly related to body building!


How we recruit

We invite suitable applicants to either a group or individual interview. Group interviews are often used for store recruitment and provide our store management team the opportunity to assess your performance working within groups.

Individual interviews are often second interviews for store team member positions, or first and second interviews for store management and support office positions.

During these interviews you’ll be asked behavioural and competency based questions where you’ll need to provide examples of how you performed in a situation in your current or past jobs. For support office positions you may also be asked to participate in an assessment centre, which could include presentations, role plays or other assessment exercises.

Each participant is assessed against our competency and values framework with a view to selecting those who best align with the rebel culture.

Our values are based on passion, openness, integrity, care and discipline. We actively recruit people who are aligned with our values because we expect our team members to embrace and live our values during their work with us.

If you apply for a role with us, good luck and we hope to see you soon.

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