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Top Selling Fat Burners

Fat Burning supplements are used to help accelerate the body’s metabolism to such a degree that it will automatically help to reduce the fat content in a user’s body. Fat burners are produced with key ingredients such as green coffee extract, raspberry ketones, African wild mango and ever popular CLA. Often used to help shred the extra kilo’s these products work in conjunction with an intense aerobic, and anaerobic exercise regimen to burn the calories needed. Majority are stim based as these are seem to be the most efffective way to accelerate the metabolism. 




Mutated Nation Albutarex


Instant Energy + Extreme Focus

Targeting Specific Fat Areas,

Duo Leaning Compounds

Appetite Suppression

No Crash

Delicious Flavoring System 

Until now, there has never been such a clean feeling energy/fat

burning product like Albut​ar​ex​ ​V2® .when looking at the ingredients and
effects in Albut​arexV2​® we will truly understand why our product is
undeniably the undisputed “king of all hardcore fat burners”. 




Typhoon Labs SWEAT

Sweat isn’t your typical diet powder, it’s a medi-biological, extremely concentrated, weight-loss supplement that supports your metabolism, promotes focus and enhances your mood for an overall well-being feeling. Besides shredding fat by increasing thermogenesis, this powerful weight loss formula also helps promote a healthy appetite through a wide range of amazingly delicious flavours.



Performax Labs FITMAX


Fat loss is an important goal for achieving the body that we want. Whether your goals are based on performance, attractiveness, or overall health, losing fat can help you run faster, look better, and feel great. While there are many purported fat burners on the market, none have been formulated by carefully combining the best ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work together synergistically – until now. That is why Performax Labs is proud to bring you FitMaxTM, the fat burner designed using cutting-edge research to help you achieve your body composition goals. With scientifically-backed synergy like the patented, proven ingredient Teacrine combined with caffeine, FitMaxTM will promote optimal fat burning while providing a clean boost of energy throughout the day.



EHP Labs Oxyshred 

OxyShred is the most advanced and potent thermogenic fat burner ever developed. OxyShred induces hyper-lipolysis, which is a complex process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules. The key HYPER-LIPOLYSIS MATRIX is a scientific break-through based on proprietary ratios and concentrations








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