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Tired of tossing and turning late into the night because you had a pre-workout supplement before your workout after work? If so, you aren’t alone. Many gymgoers lose sleep because they want to maximise their gym performance and get some extra supplementary help. Now however, you don’t have to experience this. PSI by EHP Labs is created with sleep in...


EHP Labs RP Max is the pre workout with a difference. If you’re sick an tired of the same old formulas that do a half-arsed job of everything, then get your hands on EHPLabs RPM. This unique supplement from the company behind the famous Oxyshred fat burner brings together a collection of ingredients which will supercharge your energy levels and...

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PX® (Pro Xanthine) is built with stimulant and non-stimulant ingredients designed to support energy and focus. Powered by an exclusive Continuous Metabolic Energy Matrix, PX is formulated to assist active sports people in reaching their specific nutritional or performance goals. PX can be consumed daily. Recommended Use Mix 1 full scoop (7.2g) with 226ml (8oz) – 453ml (16oz) of cold...


Do you need help to lift your workout intensity? Sometimes it can be hard getting in the right mind frame for the tough workout ahead. All we need may be a little help to get us fired up and turn and average workout into a great one. It’s time to check out Stimul8 loaded by Finaflex for the ultimate workout...

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The pump - it's all about the pumpSince the beginning of bodybuilding, the PUMP is what we strive for in the gym. We want the PUMP to last. We want to LOOK big even after the gym. It's always been all about the PUMP. Now - MUTANT PUMP is hands down the most addicting MUTANT supplement ever brought to life....

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